SUNLUX at Gitex Exhibition in Dubai

Date:2023-10-18 views:1289

On October 16, 2023, the Dubai Communications and Consumer Electronics Exhibition (GITEX) grandly opened at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. SUNLUX made a stunning appearance at the exhibition with self-developed barcode scanner, ESL electronic shelf label and LCD products.

On the first day of the exhibition, there was a huge flow of people on site, and SUNLUX booth was very lively. Enthusiastic and professional SUNLUX people provide professional product-related consultation to new and old friends.

As a pioneer in the field of barcode identification industry, SUNLUX launched a number new barcode scanner models. It has superior performance, exquisite appearance and wide application scenarios. A variety of application solutions and customized services can be provided for different application scenarios.

Another highlight product from SUNLUX: ESL electronic labels and LCD. SUNLUX booth created a smart retail experience area on site, welcoming a large number of partner experiences and consultations. The full-color LCD greatly enriches the display format of retail scenes. Through SUNLUX's self-developed label management system, it can be managed in the cloud, change prices in real time, synchronize multiple stores, etc. We look forward to your visit to SUNLUX booth.