Sunlux IOT Park Sets Sail, Innovation Leads the Future

Date:2024-06-21 views:297

On June 20th, the completion ceremony for Sunlux IOT Industrial Park was grandly held in Guangzhou, China. 

Guests from scientific research institutions, industry associations, and the business community gathered to witness this important moment.

About Sunlux IOT Industrial Park

Sunlux IOT industrial parkunder construction since 2020, covers 27,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive high-tech science and technology park integrating R&D, office, and production.
Located in Huangpu Yonghe District, the core area for industrial development in Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province in China, Sunlux IOT Industrial Park focuses on IOT technology, electronic information, Intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, and other related upstream and downstream industries.

The industrial park supports the core enterprises and startups to develop innovative projects in the intelligent information industry and helps the related industrial chain enterprises to open up the overseas market through technical exchanges, resource sharing, and market docking.

Sunlux IOT Industrial Park is committed to building a technological innovation ecosystem and becoming an internationally renowned and influential industrial innovation incubation park.
At present, the industrial park has gathered many elite teams in the  IOT industry, integrated advanced technology and innovative resources, and is an important base for the development of smart IOT industry.

Let’s take a look at this grand promotion conference!

On the afternoon of June 20, the 2024 China- Europe Industrial Investment Cooperation Conference was grandly held in the Sunlux IOT Industrial Park.

More than 300 business representatives, experts, scholars, and industry elites from China and Europe participated in the forum to discuss new opportunities for cooperation between China and Europe.  

At the meeting, Mr. Li Bingshu, Executive Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary-General of the Party Committee of China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector, made a wonderful speech.

Mr. Li emphasized the important position and role of private enterprises in the country's economic development and expressed his appreciation for Sunlux IOT's efforts in promoting international cooperation in the private economy. 

He expects Sunlux IOT to continue to play a leading role, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, and jointly promote the prosperous development of the IOT industry.  

Dr.Michael Hohl, Chairman of the China-Europe Science and Technology Cooperation Association, introduced the achievements and prospects of China-EU cooperation in science and technology and emphasized the important position of the IOT industry in China-EU cooperation. 

Dr.Michael Hohl affirmed the contribution of Sunlux IOT in promoting China-EU cooperation in science and technology and looked forward to more in-depth cooperation with Sunlux IOT in the future.

Mr. Xu Long, General Manager of Sunlux IOT, made a speech about "Sunlux IOT's Four Major Industrial Layouts: Focusing on Technological Innovation to Promote Industry Development. "

Mr. Xu provided a detailed overview of Sunlux IOT's layouts and achievements in barcode scanning, electronic price tags, additive manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing sectors, demonstrating the strong strength of Sunlux IOT in technological innovation.

He stressed that Sunlux IOT always adheres to technological innovation as its core driving force and promotes the sustainable development and upgrading of the IOT industry through continuous research and development of new technologies and products.

Mr. Li Yaotang, Executive Director of Guangzhou SOONANO Technology Co., Ltd and former Chairman of Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, CAS, made a presentation on "Development and Application of Light-curing Micro-Nano 3D Printing Technology". 

Mr. Li introduced the principles, development history, and application prospects of light-curing micro-nano 3D printing technology in the IOT industry, and shared cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge with the participants.

He pointed out that micro-nano 3D printing technology will provide strong technical support for the IOT industry and promote it to a higher level and wider areas.

Mr. Huang Zhenlong, Solution Director of Guangzhou Longtu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, shared his views on "Ku Mabic Cube PASS Platform Helps Manufacturing Industry's Digital Transformation and Upgrading". 

He introduced the key role and technical advantages of the Ku Mabic Cube PASS platform in the digital upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry, demonstrating its huge market value.

Our Vision:

Sunlux IOT will continue to uphold the development concept of innovation-driven, plowing into the field of the IOT industry, and contributing more power to promote the industry's prosperity.